Service Projects 2024

1. Ruphay Huasi – Educative Community

  • Bring school materials such as notebooks, art supplies, books, toys, games, dry erase markers, etc.
  • Donate chairs and tables for the growing amount of kids 
  • Help the kids manage the small vegetable beds

2. Build small play structures out of recycled wood and other materials for Wiñaypaq Primary School

  • Design and build slides, monkey bars, and swing sets with the help of a carpenter

3. Reforestation efforts in Wiñaypaq Primary School

  • There is a large green area at the school where we can plant native trees such as: q’ueuña, chachac’omo, tara, molle, huaranguay, kapuli, etc.
  • Help build a greenhouse

4. Fertilize newly planted trees and plants

  • Munay Sonqo has a lot of land dedicated to reforestation and these plants and trees need regular maintenance and fertilizer

5. “Help of the Day” – Munay Sonqo’s Permaculture Garden and Chicken Coop

Miscellaneous tasks in the permaculture gardens – could be working in the strawberry patch, taking care of the chickens, processing compost, etc.

6. Offer to teach a workshop in your area of specialization to any of the schools we partner with

  • Please email your suggestions beforehand and let us know what materials you will need!

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