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Permaculture is an ethical design science that creates regenerative life-support systems that mimic the patterns and processes found in nature.

Sach’a Munay’s aim is to combine both indigenous love and connection to the earth and modern knowledge to create regenerative and healthy alternatives to the current model of chemical based agriculture and soil-depleting monocultures. Through workshops and dialogue with local farmers, and Sacha Munay’s Bio-intensive agriculture and permaculture experts on the other, we are experimenting with new, healthy and regenerative ways to interaction with the earth and its people.

We aim to integrate local practices and western permaculture and agroecology concepts by observing, learning and working with local farmers. Our long term vision is to empower local communities to return to healthy and earth-honoring, and financially-sound practices.

Our Permaculture Program is based upon the following areas:

  • Education and Workshops
  • Our bio-intensive garden in Arin.
  • Experimentation and field trials
  • Creating markets for our alumni in cooperation with the Munay Sonqo Retreat Center.
  • Implementation and maintenance of appropriate technologies such as grey water treatment and compost toilets at the Munay Sonqo Retreat Center.

Organic Gardens

We currently are the proud owners of 3,000 meters (9,842 feet) of organic vegetable beds. We plant based on permaculture parameters: working with the seasons, companion planting and using biol fertilizers (biol consists of a mix of manure and water that has fermented in the biodigester). We use a “drop” water system that is sustainable to the area we are in.

Organic Agriculture Workshops

Mauro Escalante teaches free permaculture workshops to all of the community on different permaculture basics. The classes span 12 sessions and are offered on Sach’a Munay’s land as well as at different students’ gardens.

Nutrition and School Vegetable Gardens

Since 2015 we have taken the initiative to participate regularly in the school programs of four local public schools through the development of activities that cover aspects of health, wellness, nutrition, bio-intensive ecological agriculture, permaculture and art. The schools are: San Isidro Labrador de Sillacancha school, 50153 Arin School, Mitmac Primary School, and Huycho School.

Parents and management have been really important in the development of these projects, which have allowed us to establish a relationship of trust with clear, honest and open communication

Both parents and children help us to enrich the experience we have in developing these activities allowing us to offer holistic and comprehensive information in a responsible, respectful and loving way, where we all find ourselves through the spirit of teamwork and mutual collaboration.

Our support for San Isidro Labrador includes:

  • Providing Lunch for the students.
  • Paying the wage of an extra teacher for students who need extra academic support.
  • Organic garden project and education for all classes.

Our future goal is the creation and expansion of an organic vegetable farm which will be used to:

  • Be an education center for the students and locals,
  • Supplement the students diet.
  • Provide income to the school through the sale of vegetables and flowers
  • Provide training and employment opportunities to former students.

In 2016, we started to develop activities of ecologic agriculture using bio intensive and organic methods mixed with the spirit of permaculture this. In this activity, we have the participation of all students and teachers twice a week.

The development of this activity aims to provide clear and precise information on how to obtain great benefits and results through these agricultural practices to children and teachers who mostly live in rural areas and in turn enrich the inputs of the restaurant kitchen from.

All production is for the internal consumption of the school thereby benefiting school officials as well as their students.

Escuela de Padres

Escuela de Padres (workshop for families) is a series of workshops intended to strengthen the capacities of parents, on topics such as:

  • Responsible Parenthood
  • Healthy Eating
  • Family Violence
  • Alcoholism
  • Equality and Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Human and Citizen Rights
  • Leadership

These workshops have become our most demanded offerings, receiving more than 50 requests for workshops throughout the Province of Cusco.

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