Our Team

Permaculture Educator and Director of Sach’a Munay 
Mauro is the heart of Sach’a Munay, his passion and purpose impact all those he meets. He is our lead educator and teaches in both Spanish and Quechua. 
He has a long history in the non-profit sector and has studied the bio-intensive method of John Jevons, Permaculture, and the Regrarians platform. 
He has been sharing his knowledge throughout the Sacred Valley and the highland communities for many years and is passionate about working with children, their schools, and their parents.
An amazing speaker, Mauro is in high demand for his ‘Escuela de Padres” workshops throughout the province of Cusco.
His dream is to see the entire Sacred Valley region regenerate the soils and produce fully organic food to increase the well-being of people and the planet.


Garden Technician 

Mario comes from the village of Sihua above the town of Coya in the Sacred Valley. Due to limited transport he would often walk an hour and a half climbing 500m to get home each afternoon. 

With the mountains and traditional organic agriculture in his veins, Mario has incorporated modern market gardening techniques which he uses in his home garden and shares with his community. He has also been experimenting his techniques to increase native potato harvests.

Along with Gualberto, Mario cares for and manages our bio-intensive garden demonstration site which supplies produce to our partner, Munay Sonqo Retreat and Yoga Center. 



Garden Technician 

Hailing from the district of Lares, Gualberto has resided in Arin since 2014 and began working with Sach’a Munay in 2016. He is passionate and enthusiastic about organic farming and is inspired to one day start his own organic farm and teach others. Alongside Mario, he manages and runs our organic garden.



One of the founding members, Adam has lived and worked in the Sacred Valley since 2014. 

After visiting Peru in 2010, he was inspired to come back and get involved sharing permaculture, and in 2015 that became a reality when he was invited to join Sach’a Munay and begin developing our school garden programs. 

Adam holds a Bachelor of Horticulture (Burnley 2006), Permaculture design certificate (2007), Cert IV in Permaculture (2012), and has completed a 10 week internship with the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia (2011).