Vision and Mission


Inspire and live a sustainable life that uses permaculture as a tool.

Honor native trees.

Promote open communication between everyone we work with and impact.


Community talks on Permaculture to remind the local community how to live in harmony and respect with the environment. Family talks in schools to promote a healthy family life.

Free permaculture courses will be offered to both children and adults.

Aid local schools in eating self-sustainably by placing permaculture beds in their schools and teaching them the knowledge to take care of them.

Plant native trees, and teach about their importance to the environment, especially the water cycle. Reforest all the land we are able/ allowed to.

Brief History

Since 2015 we have been offering workshops in Agroecology and Permaculture school for local farmers; we currently have more than 130 people enrolled in groups of 10 to 15 people.

We have an experimental field do develop regenerative farming techniques that honor the traditional methods and new regenerative agriculture techniques. Currently we are experimenting with the local corn ‘Choclo’ that has been grown in the Sacred valley for hundred of years, using a combination of clover cover crops, compost teas, and natural fertilizers. We are achieving great results. The aim is to develop a regenerative system of growing, that does not rely on chemical fertilizers or pesticides.