Since our inception in 2015, our Permaculture Program has been investigating regenerative ways to interact with our environment. We seek to bridge traditional agriculture techniques with modern permaculture methods to create a sustainable and regenerative agriculture that is honoring of the Earth and its People.

Permaculture is an ethical design science that creates regenerative life-support systems that mimic the patterns and processes found in nature.

Sacha Munay’s aim is to combine both indigenous love and connection to the earth and modern knowledge to create regenerative and healthy alternatives to the current model of chemical based agriculture and soil-depleting monocultures. Through workshops and dialogue with local farmers, and Sacha Munay’s Bio-intensive agriculture and permaculture experts on the other, we are experimenting with new, healthy and regenerative ways to interaction with the Earth and its People.

We aim to integrate local practices and western permaculture and agroecology concepts by observing, learning and working with local farmers. Our long term vision is to empower local communities to return to healthy and earth honoring, and financially-sound practices.

Our Permaculture Program is based upon the following areas:

  • Education and Workshops
  • Our demonstration bio-intensive market garden farm in Arin.
  • Experimentation and field trials
  • Creating markets for our Alumni in cooperation with the Munay Sonqo Retreat Center.
  • Implementation and Maintenance of appropriate technologies such as grey water treatment and compost toilets at the Munay Sonqo Retreat Center.